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This form is used to submit a problem within the park.  If the issue you observe, is illegal, you think it might be illegal or poses a safety hazard please contact the park office immediately @ 610-377-0045
Please provide the following contact information and we will get back to you as to a resolution:


Put anonymous if you want to remain as such


Put anonymous if you want to remain as such

NOTE: FOBSP does not sell or give away your personal information or email addresses.


When reporting a problem please provide as much information as possible. Examples: Date and Time of Incident, for illegal use please try and get license plate number, Trail Name/location (Pine Run, Preacher Camp, Trinity, Etc.), Closest Trail Entry Point if applicable (Deerwood parking lot, Old Ridge Road, etc) and if equiped on your phone a GPS location, pictures accepted (email to and a brief description of problem.

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