As technology leeches into our lives more ad more each day, there's smartphone, tablets and Smart GSPs.  Well it's a natural progession to utilize and adapt that technology to our leisure activities.

The following are apps that help you with your activities.

MapMyHike is a suite of products by MyFitnress, Inc. that help you navigate and track your outdoor activities.  This is a favorite of FOBSP's webmaster and outdoor/technology nut.

It's available in both android and apple and also has a web- desktop component.   It utilizes your smart device's GPS and gives you a running track of your activity, whether walking, running, hiking, or biking.  If you want an accurate digital represenation of your activity the the MapMy products are for you.  Below is screen shot of the screen.

Then the track or activity can be saved and then if wanted shared on the ever growing social media domain.

Of course it gives you a very acturate GPS track, but time expended, elevation profile and a bunch of reports.  It's a primo product

Well, I don't hunt, I want something for mountain biking.  Don't disregard because it's a hunting app, it's got a lot of features that could come in handy.

A must have for Pennsylvania adventurers.

Another great application for outdoor adventuring.

If your going to geocache anywhere, not just in Beltzville State Park, this is the must have app